Andersons Man Cave

Andersons Man Cave
Entrance to the cave

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Branching upwards!

Hi All,

Long time between posts. Not much has been done in the last 6-8 months due to work commitments and what not. The branch has finally taken off, with work completed in the back room up to where the cement sidings are located. From here the main line will continue to rise around the horseshoe in the middle of the room to Rosella. A few photos to show off what has been completed...

Cement Sidings with the main line to continue rising on the right hand side.
Couple of shots looking down the yard.
Couple of shots of the stone/quarry siding.

Sadleirs yard taking shape.
A few more lights to go in, but you get the idea!
Now for some more random shots. Dad's little scenery corner that he is proud of...
VR Power!
Auscision's new Motorail wagons.
CF4412 Black Caviar
 With Sandown just around the corner hopefully it will provide some motivation for some more work to continue! 

Till next time!

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