Andersons Man Cave

Andersons Man Cave
Entrance to the cave

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Branching upwards!

Hi All,

Long time between posts. Not much has been done in the last 6-8 months due to work commitments and what not. The branch has finally taken off, with work completed in the back room up to where the cement sidings are located. From here the main line will continue to rise around the horseshoe in the middle of the room to Rosella. A few photos to show off what has been completed...

Cement Sidings with the main line to continue rising on the right hand side.
Couple of shots looking down the yard.
Couple of shots of the stone/quarry siding.

Sadleirs yard taking shape.
A few more lights to go in, but you get the idea!
Now for some more random shots. Dad's little scenery corner that he is proud of...
VR Power!
Auscision's new Motorail wagons.
CF4412 Black Caviar
 With Sandown just around the corner hopefully it will provide some motivation for some more work to continue! 

Till next time!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Progress on the branch

Hi all,

Long overdue for an update! Not much has been done since the previous post, however progress has taken place in the from of starting on the branch line which will run around the top of the layout, and the Sadleirs siding behind where the branch line comes off. A few photos...

Embankment on the branch side, grass and trees yet to go in. Polystyrene and 'no more gaps' provide the mountain look.
Looking towards the mainline side, retaining walls made from MDF. Still some work to do.
Sadleirs siding including shed now pretty much complete. Just some paint and lights to go in on the building, can then start on the scenery side of things. An old industrial asset will go in the right hand corner.

A bit of work has been completed on the rollingstock front. First up, a project for a mate to repaint 4 Auscision VHQF hoppers from FA to PN, and add ends to the version they produced without them...

Steel coil cradles available off eBay coming along nicely...

Billet loads for Hawkmount Models RKKY wagons.

Unweathering a Eureka HUB set and repainting the roofs to closer match the prototype. 

In terms of rollingstock arrivals there hasn't been much since the start of the year. PSM A2 and BCE were probably the best acquisitions, RKKY's from Hawkmount, SDS GY's, SRM Snail (or is that Vlocity?) and Auscisions latest rereun of the RY and E Cars. Oh, and picked up a Ben Singleton built XR with DCC for a good price!

Till next time!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Starting to see some colour

Hi all,

Just a small update to keep everyone up to date and where the Man Cave is at. Scenery has begun on the layout, starting where the door is, where the main junction for the container/steel terminal and ballast sidings is located. The technique used is very simple, paint the base colour first (dark grey for the ballast areas and a light brown earth colour for grass areas) and then sprinkle over your grass and dirt whilst the paint is still wet to create more adhesion. For the ballast we use a ballast applicator to get a nice even spread across the track, and then move a bit around to suit what you need (no such thing as uniform ballast in real life!). Once everything is in place, a PVA/water mix is sprayed over the entire area to keep it all in place. 

The signal box, now completed.
Another angle. Those people are yet to be stuck down hence why the base is still visible!
Bit of weathering to be done on the trolly shed but so far looking the part. Need some boards for the track too.
Looking down the dirt road. A ballast pile will be in the corner in the top left.
 A project I've been working on is fitting white discs on all of our VR and coaching stock. As there are no brass etch's available I invested in a leather belt hole punch to do the job. Using thin styrene, I think they turn out pretty well!

Another project I've just completed are kitbashing a few Lima IP coaches into 'near-enough' VR Vinelander sleeper cars. Mods include lots of styrene, decals, Powerline vestibules, #5 kadees, Auscision wheelsets, decals, BGB underfloor kits, SEM handbrakes and steps that were left over from other projects. No where near exact but they definitely look the part!

Till next time!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Signal Boxes

Hi all,

Has been a long time since drinks! Not much has happened in the Man Cave lately due to work commitments and other various things happening. Something Dad has been working on is signals and signal boxes, as we move toward finally putting some scenery in. Dad's signal box idea is to have the control panels hidden away inside a 'lookalike' control room that has a flip lid for easy access. The result is what follows and has turned out to be a great idea. All of the wiring is kept underneath the panel, utilising a couple of brass terminal blocks (same as what was used for the track wiring) for all of the connections. 

Inconspicuous, no?
Aha, there's a panel! Red buttons to set the points to the yards, black for the main and then of course the toggle switches for the signals.
Bit of signal action.
Another one of these bloody boxes.
Inside this one. Still to add signals, and you can see how it correlates here to the actual track arrangement.
This one hasn't had its outside built yet but will eventually. The dwarf is hooked up to the point so when it switches so does the signal.
The house side of Parramatta Station, still a bit of work to do.
The down side of Parramatta Station, nearly complete.
Inside Parramatta 'B' Box (or maybe it should be A?).
This was Dad's original design before moving to the covered inconspicuous look. No doubt this one will be modified and will have a casing around it as well.
The layout is set up so only mainline points have been fitted with point motors, leaving everything else still hand operated (as it mostly is in real life really). 

Rollingstock additions has also been minimal since the last update, the XPT arrived including a couple of special livered Power cars, 4 L Classes (1xWestrail, 1xPN and 2xATN) from SRM fitted with sound and 3 first series X Classes also arrived this week. Oh and picked up a few goodies from the Auscision store opening including a GWA, WBAX Van pack and another AHGX Grain hopper pack. Also picked up a couple of VHQF's cheap from the Sunshine exhibition to replace two of the Railmotor models version we had which were fitted with the wrong bottom doors. Maybe it hasn't been so minimal!!

Till next time!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Some more videos!

Hi all,

Recently took delivery of an Eureka HUB Set and also fitted our 4520 and 42101 with authentic Loksound chips from Mike at DCCSound, took them for a spin and also took some videos. Would have preferred an unweathered HUB Set but it looks great nonetheless! Excuse the quality of the videos, taken quickly with my personal phone.


Monday, 31 August 2015


Hi All,

Have uploaded some videos to YouTube of some of the new additions to the fleet. Quality isn't great as they were taken using my Samsung S5 Phone however you get the idea!

Till next time!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Flashing ditch lights for your GT46C-ACe

Hi all,

With Auscision's recent release of the GT46C-ACe class locomotives I thought I'd put up a bit of a tutorial (information gathered thanks to Mike Walters from DCCSound) on how to get the ditch lights to alternate with the horn button on DCC. Bit of a disclaimer first, I do not take any responsibility for any damage caused to your loco or DCC chip/system especially if something goes kapoot or catches fire, however I highly doubt that will happen if you follow the instructions to the letter ;)

First things first. Out of the box the GT46 was meant to have this feature pre-programmed into the circuit board however it doesn't work out so well and you end up with this photo here...

What you're seeing is F0 selected for the headlights and F1 selected for the ditchlights. Problem is only one works, and when you press F2 the ditchlight on the long hood end turns on. So I needed a fix, and thankfully Mike helped me out! Please keep in mind that I have fitted my GT46's with LokPilot decoders and do not know if it will work with other brand of decoders. Also I have performed all of this on my Digitrax system using OPS programming on the mainline (same method you'd use for changing the CV's for speed matching). So how do you do it? The following CV's need to be changed in exactly this order, reading left to right. 

CV31 = 16, 
CV32 = 2
CV394 =  20
CV396 = 128
CV410 =  40
CV412 = 128

CV32 = 3
CV426 =  20
CV442 =  40

CV32 = 0
CV275 =   9
CV279 =   2
CV291 =   9
CV295 =   3
CV283 =   9
CV287 =   2
CV299 =   9
CV303 =   3

If you've entered these correctly, your new functions will be:
F1 = Headlights and marker lights On/Off
F2 = Enables flashing ditchlights
F11 = Ditchlights On/Off

These are directional, so will work both ways. The end product should look something like this:

We're yet to receive our TT/LDP/SSR's so I'm unsure if the problem has been fixed since the SCT was released in March, however I doubt it has and so this tutorial applies to those models as well. If theres any questions please feel free to leave a comment, and any constructive criticism on how to do this differently or improve them would be greatly appreciated!

Till next time!